I love the fact that there are timed meditations, so you can pick sessions to suit your personal preferences. There is also a wealth of content available from well-known meditators across the App. The App is extremely user friendly and once you have downloaded it to your device, you can get started on your mindfulness journey right away.

Sobriety counters do not all look the same when it comes to searching for the perfect app to support a sober journey. If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to get help. You canspeak with one of our helpful representativesconfidentially to discuss rehab treatment options or resources for life after rehab. People in recovery who want tobring their support group meetings onlinecan also use The Recovery Village Recovery Room app to host free, anonymous meetings with up to 50 participants. The app can be used for any online drug and alcohol recovery meetings, including AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Al-anon and more.

If the urge to drink arises, there is a game built within the app that members can use to distract themselves and refocus their thoughts elsewhere. Unique to the app is the “quit slowly” mode that allows for individuals to customize plans and reminders to ease the body away from the addictive drinking habits. Traditionally, this plan may involve 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous for managing alcoholism. In the digital age, sobriety smartphone apps are the newest trend in aftercare planning. You can customize the look of the app and add specific sobriety clocks for what you want to focus on.

Ultimately, the goal of the group is to carry its message to alcoholics who are still suffering. Free to anyone who wishes to participate, Alcoholics Anonymous is known for its 12-step process and welcoming community. Elizabeth Brownfield is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher who specializes in food, travel, home, and lifestyle content.

Best for therapy

Beyond progress tracking and support, Loosid features a sober dating app within its services that allows sober singles to feel confident in connecting with like-minded people. With dating capability, members are able to create a sober lifestyle alongside someone who understands and supports their journey. Reviews show the easability of the app for those just starting out on their journey, as well as those looking for supportive tools for the long-term journey alcohol and drug abuse counseling of recovery. The ability to track and eliminate cravings are shown in a chart for individuals to easily assess progress and manage goals they want to reach in quitting drinking. The app offers interactive lessons, coping strategies, tracking of triggers, and positive reinforcement through a reward-based strategy. With active features for clinicians to provide support and reminders, it is a tool often used in conjunction with other recovery help methods.

Women for Sobriety was founded in 1975 as a not-for-profit organization helping women recover from substance use. The organization offers both online and in-person support groups run by certified moderators and chat leaders. If you wish to speak to someone one-on-one, there are also phone volunteers who can help you. LifeRing offers online and in-person meetings that promote self-empowerment rather than belief in a higher power, making it a good alternative to faith-based recovery groups. With Loosid, this includes “Boozeless Guides” that direct you to places you can go where there will be no pressure to drink alcohol, such as restaurants, events, and travel spots.

best sobriety app

You can use it to find sober people near you, and as a way to get 24/7 peer support. When you want to make a big change, it never hurts to have a little extra support, especially if that support comes in the form of a motivational tool you can take with you wherever you go. That’s the idea behind sobriety apps, aka a digital dose of inspiration you can keep in your pocket and access whenever you need. The app also includes a feature for making notes and users can set reminders to alert them at specific times of the day. The App provides a daily motivation and a daily pledge feature which can help users stay focused on their goals, alerts can be set to hit your phone at a time of day that works for you. On top of this, the programme includes live interactive coaching sessions for users to join in real time, or you can watch them back as a replay.

Best for breaking habits: Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

The app does not feature chat capability and does not have a newsfeed to connect with other community members. However, you can share daily readings with friends where you can start a conversation that may be helpful to you in processing the information you are reading. Nomo features a refocus section in the app that guides your thoughts away from cravings or triggers. Those who are helping others through recovery have also found the refocus aspect a helpful tool in moving thoughts away from stress and negativity. If you are having trouble moving your thoughts away from cravings or triggers, Nomo is the ideal app for distracting your mind to reaffirm positive habits. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson is a sobriety app that takes an entirely different approach to sober living.

best sobriety app

Tax deductible donations will be made to Good Counsel Services, Inc. and, after appropriate discretion, will be granted to Loosid for yearly scholarships. The Sobriety Apphas served as a recovery tool that 84% of members find helpful as a companion to recovery.


Within the app, you can choose to be anonymous or have a username where you can contribute to community board topics and follow subjects in a curated sober newsfeed. Find topics you feel comfortable talking about and connect with other online members who are along the same path as you. Recovery is not just one day, it is the little steps you can take each day to live and love being sober. Here are the 9 best sobriety apps for android and ios out there for you to download and check out. To monitor and track progress, there are chips that show sobriety goals achieved. What is unique to the app is the ability to emotionally check-in on a daily basis.

It has some strong features and is an excellent tool for anyone who has quit drinking. The perfect companion to Rock Bottom – The Sober Life Journal captures the essence of journaling and provides space to grow and develop as you embark on a sober life. Users also have a sobriety counter tool with milestone awards to allow them to track their sobriety and celebrate when they hit their goals. The app is more reading and listening based with meditations, prayers, the Twelve Steps, and the Twelve Traditions.

If you aren’t ready to talk to someone you know about your drinking, an app may be able to help you stop drinking. If you’re not ready to take the step on your own to consult your healthcare provider, it may be helpful to admit your struggles with alcohol to a loved one, who can help you confer with your doctor. alcoholism after gastric bypass surgery Regardless of how you get there, taking the initiative to find sobriety is extremely commendable and powerful for you to get better, says Dr. Weinstein. Once you recognize that you might have an addiction, the first person you should see for help is your primary care physician, Dr. Weinstein said.

Yes, alcohol has been documented to worsen snoring, especially in those with sleep apnea. Though the benefits can vary widely from person to person, taking a month-long break from alcohol can do your body good. From hair trends to relationship advice, our daily newsletter has everything you need to sound like alcoholism and its effects on the central nervous system a person who’s on TikTok, even if you aren’t. Take the one-minute quiz and find out whether alcohol might be a problem in your life and if so, what you can do to change it. Premium Option – Gain access to increased content and you can take the App offline, along with increased meditation sessions available.


When your sponsor or accountability partner is unavailable, the app is a place to turn to for tools to navigate away from repeated negative behaviors. Instead of giving into old habits, it assists you in turning your attention towards supportive methods to help you during your sober recovery. Pear reSET recognizes the challenges that come with recovery, but they root their app in scientific-based evidence to keep people accountable towards a sober life. Addiction help, it is an app designed by two guys who are actively in recovery from alcohol.

The program’s foundation comes from a sociologist who believed that addiction among women could be traced toloss of identity, competing roles in society, and lowself-esteem,depression, andguilt. Women for Sobriety focuses on strategies that prioritize self-empowerment to overcome addiction and uses positive affirmations and mantras for self-value and emotional growth. Club Soda courses cost around $50 each, and donations are accepted from members. LifeRing promotes an abstinent lifestyle through self-empowerment rather than belief in a higher power.

Data Used to Track You

When you are ready, you can share your sober journey or other experiences you have had while learning how to get sober. Your story could directly impact another person who may be going through a similar experience. Sober Time is a quit drinking app that gives you the ability to personalize your experience on the app with customizable backgrounds and visual elements to showcase your achievements. What makes Loosid stand out for the best sobriety app on the market is its encompassing approach to sobriety. Sobriety is not just tracking the days you have been alcohol-free, it also is about the friendships you make and the community you surround yourself with.

Sober Time also has a virtual community forum where people often discuss challenges related to their path. The group builds a space where you can post anonymously and share your personal stories in an uplifting zone of those who care. The app also includes a game of memory that is designed to distract your thoughts when you may have cravings or triggers.

Many apps provide sobriety calculators, daily motivations, goal-setting challenges and rewards, notifications, and even in-app chat features. This app also includes a meeting finder, a sobriety tracker, podcasts, and personal stories that can inspire and motivate you throughout your journey. Sober Grid allows you to share your recovery progress with other users, and you can also create and share posts both as a way to receive and give support. A peer coaching function is also available for an additional subscription fee that will provide you with 24/7, 365 access to live certified peer coaches.

Counselors and other addiction specialists can use the app to monitor patient progress. Recovery Today is one of the top digital magazines for the recovery community, and their app brings all their issues right to your fingertips. Recovery Today Magazine provides stories of inspiration and courage in the recovery space. Developed by scientists and experts in mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Happify’s techniques and programs aim to reduce stress and build greater resilience. People can also view trackers showing how stopping drinking improves health, such as blood circulation, cell regeneration, gray matter, mental health, and the risk for heart disease and cancer. If a person needs to speak to someone right away, they can reach out to Sober Grid’s virtual community for support by selecting the “Burning Desire” button.

For others, they may need community encouragement or to hear from other people’s stories in order to understand their own. By recognizing what you may need for recovery, you can find the digital and in-person resources that prove to be the most helpful for you to monitor and quit drinking all together. There are features like “planned drinking” to help you cut back, customizable goal setting, a chart that shows how much money you’ve saved, and daily motivational quotes to keep you going. There’s a wide range of sobriety apps available, from simple habit trackers to apps that provide access to sober communities and support groups. If you’re just dipping your toe in the sobriety pool for Sober September, apps like Saying When or TRY DRY can help you keep track of your experience for those 30 days.

I am Sober is a sober app created to build community and reinforce positive personal habits. The app features a clear visualization of how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have been alcohol-free. There is a chat capability also built into the app that allows for anonymous personal messages and comments from you and other members that are a part of the same online community in the app. Topics cover a wide range of ideas, experiences, and personal journeys that can help you discover new paths for your sober journey.

This App scores highly with my rating but just misses the mark of 5 stars as I am not a self-confessed fan of AA. However, I did appreciate the content they have included into the App and if you are AA curious, then you may well rate this App 5 out of 5. This will not be for everyone as you may not appreciate the underlying Christian message behind the App.

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