Make sure the one you choose has a height-adjustable seat so that you could tuck it under your desk. To make the chair more comfortable, pop a pillow on it. A closet is a naturally dark space, with little or no access to daylight. The cabinet with converting closet to office door serves as the perfect place to hide your PC, and keep it off your desktop. For those who were wondering, the paint color I chose is ‘Winter Way’ by Behr, and the dimensions of my closet are 53″x64″ …but it is much deeper than I needed.

Personally, I much prefer being able to leave my laptop set up, notepads open, and pens scattered. If you cannot afford a plasterer to skim the walls, but still want them to look pretty, wallpaper could be the way to add some colour and texture to your cloffice. Regardless of whether you’re working in a walk-in or reach-in closet, chances are high that you’re still facing a wall. It’s also a relatively small space compared to the big office. We talked about how you can use puck lighting or decorative fixtures for your office space. Keeping everything in perfect order might be challenging with open shelves.

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One person can work at the kitchen table, another can work in a permanent office and another can work at the closet office. Add desk plants to keep spirits high while working remotely. Today I’m sharing how to turn a closet into an office nook, including an easy hack to create custom bookshelf built-ins above the desk. In this 8½-by-6-foot cloffice, a sliding glass door was installed to let in natural light.

Take your shelves as high up the wall as you can, to maximize your storage capacity. With a critical eye, figure out the approximate size of the supplies you absolutely have to have in your new office. For example, if you use a lot of binders or legal-size paper, make sure the closet you’re considering can fit the width and depth of those supplies. If you need to maintain a secure filing system, you’ll need a closet that can handle the width and depth of a file cabinet when it’s closed and when the drawers are fully open. As you’re surveying your available closet space, make sure you measure the height, width, and depth of your potential closet office. Depending on the closet, it may be no deeper than the width of a hanger, which is about 17 to 18 inches wide.

Wiring Your Closet Office – Get Help Online

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, figure out all the things you’ll need and make a list. Figuring out basic design elements, colors you’ll want to use, and so on will make it easier to find the parts you’ll need down the line. The first step to this makeover was to remove all the baseboards and trim. Remove the door and then remove the shelves inside the small closet.

If you have a little more space to work with, this sliding barn door is the perfect way to conceal a workspace. Hiding an office in a living room closet behind curtains is a brilliant for a small space. There’s a reason why monsters are closets’ number one resident. During off hours, you can even store your laptop vertically with a space-saving desktop laptop stand. Fight the “walls are closing in” feeling that working in a small space can cause by choosing a fun patterned wallpaper. Keep in mind the space your chair requires and accommodate the cabinets to the chair versus the other way, Coronado warns.

Consider making your cloffice doorless

A few droplets of oil can reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere in the cloffice. If you do love a good fragrance, you might want to keep an oil diffuser on your desktop. It reflects light better, adding to the brightness of the room, and makes the space look bigger. For smaller items such as staplers, notebooks, and writing items, buy an inexpensive desktop organiser, stash all your stuff in it and place it to the side of your desk.

turn closet into desk area

Consider hanging a bulletin board against the back wall of your closet or magazine holders to store your files and notes. You can also make a statement with a fashionable stool or accent chair, depending on the size of your closet space. You always want to choose a desk for your closet office based on the tasks you need to do. One of the first things to do before turning a closet into an office at home is to measure the space you have. Attach it to the front of the side boards with pocket hole screws. After I got the desk built, I needed to decide on how to paint the area.

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